UC Mental Development Programme

Maths and science are prerequisites for success in many of today’s occupations.

A thorough understanding in maths and science will be a ticket for your child to many doors in the future.

From balancing a budget to changing tyres to following a recipe, maths and science touch every part of our lives.
Fret not, we have the perfect programme for your child.

UC Mental Development Programme
A syllabus that is based on science and maths.
A fun and interesting approach to whole brain development.

  • Learn through playing, play through learning.

  • We prepare hands-on learning materials for your child as we cultivate the “Little Maths Expert” at UC Kindies.

  • The objective is to instil 4 concepts of mathematics, concept of logic, quantity, counting and spatial image.

  • We make 1 2 3 as simple as A B C.

  • Snap images with the mind.

  • We’ve got the whole package for you- flash cards, mind booster, word games, calculation games and interactive exercises into one multimedia-operated courseware.

  • Photographic memory unlocks visual functions and the potential of the mind.

  • By stimulating the right brain hemisphere with vivid learning, children’s fear can be overcome as well as obstacles in calculation.

  • So close your eyes and come onto this educational ride with us.

  • Explore world’s culture, nature and other science fields that are fantastic eye-openers!

  • A bilingual syllabus associated with multimedia-facilitated teaching methodology is provided to broaden children’s knowledge.

  • Science is all around us. Let us guide your child to learn and explore world’s wonders.
    *Also under the Whole Language Teaching Programme

  • Innovative, creative, intriguing – We have just the right class for your child.

  • Every experiment is interactive and safe. It aims to prompt children’s interest in explorative learning using brain-hand coordination. Each child will be provided with their own set of experimental tools and white lab coat.

  • Interesting experiments, dynamic scientific knowledge.